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“Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience” (David Kolb)

The world of business is undergoing a phase change. Work and learning have merged, and the blistering pace at which the sphere of commerce is moving calls for a new mindset and transformational teaching. Traditional training approaches are no longer enough, hard copy training material alone simply cannot prepare you to handle unique situations and think on your feet in the new economy.

As Charles Handy says, “Real learning is not what most of us grew up thinking it was.” We forget half of what we learn within an hour without practice, which is why more and more organisations are breaking out of the strait jacket of formal, structured learning and engaging more deeply with experiential trainings which go beyond theory.

In essence, experiential learning is the development of personal understanding and skills through analysing, and reflecting on, activity. It is a medium designed to disturb thinking patterns and push an individual out of the comfort zone, provoking an emotional connection to a subject and therefore embedding the learning in a far more meaningful and lasting way.

As the 70:20:10 model is showing, we retain little from managed learning and far more from what we do and practice. We are about people not procedure, so our entertaining trainings focus on immediate application of practical tools and techniques to deliver powerful learning which really stays with participants.

ROI is paramount for organizations, which is why our training is always designed to meet specific business outcomes and delivers outstanding value through positively changing the behaviour of participants. Our goal is to open minds to new possibilities, develop talent and discover where strengths and weaknesses lie in order to maximise performance and output.

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