Inner Champion

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Once a year, I give a select few the exclusive opportunity to attend my closed door sports success master mind known as Inner Champion.

At this event, I share the fool proof system for overcoming all barriers to success that I have developed over my 20 years as a martial artist; a formula perfected through working with numerous UFC athletes and cornering countless fights at top MMA promotions.

Performing at the top of your game is no longer just about physical ability.

Fear of failure, pressure, nerves and not being able to manage the internal state can have a devastating effect on even the strongest athlete.

In this training, I reveal the most powerful physical and mental strategies I know, and show you how to overcome your deepest fears and defeat your most challenging opponents.

Clarify your focus and drive to win

Using innovative methods such as effective goal setting, powerful visualisations and focussed

Results are what count.

This unique recipe for success has been proven to work time and time again by the Olympic athletes and top contact sport professionals I have coached to the top of their games.

Contact us to secure your place at the next event to ensure you don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity..

intention, you will learn how to instantly get into the zone and clarify your focus and drive to

win. Lingering fears and doubts from past defeats will be eliminated, and you will be handed

the tools and techniques to effortlessly take everything you learn forward into your future


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