Social Impact

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Who we are

We’re more than a corporate training business. We’re proud to be part of a Social Enterprise, where the focus on business is positive force for social good, rather than profit.

Our Vision is a community in which young people and adults unlock their infinite potential through self awareness, evolution and empathy.

We’re part of the Social Enterprise Inspirational Youth – helping disadvantaged young people stay in school and fulfil their potential. This means that all income we receive from our corporate training programmes is reinvested to support our Inspirational Youth initiatives and maximise our impact in the wider community.

What we do

We believe in learning by doing. We use a unique combination of powerful experiential group trainings and one-to-one mentoring to help people reach their full potential.

We apply the same proprietary experiential learning methods used in our corporate training to engage young people, raising their self awareness and resilience, resulting in a more productive and successful school environment for both students and teachers.

Our impact

Experiential learning is the development of personal understanding and skills through analysing, and reflecting on, activity.

Experiential Learning:

We partner with the government as part of a strategy to reduce the number of young people being excluded from school and becoming NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training). To date, we have worked with thousands of disadvantaged young people in schools across London.

Get involved

Our vision is one in which CSR can be combined with personal development and volunteering to create huge value for both the company and society.

It is well known that a great way to remember and cement what we learn is to put it into practice. We have a unique opportunity for participants in our trainings to practice the skills learnt by volunteering with Inspirational Youth and delivering transformational experiences directly to disadvantaged youths.

Find out more about Inspirational Youth and how to get involved here.

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