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If you haven’t seen or worked with Eamonn yet… just do it… you won’t be disappointed!

Rubens Charles Maciel aka “Cobrinha”, 2013 ADCC Champion and 8 time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion

Anyone who has worked with high level athletes knows that there are several characteristics that they all share. Unique abilities coupled with planned strategies allow them to overcome sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges in the pursuit of their specified goals.

Eamonn brings to the table this unique blend of abilities and characteristics. His attention to detail coupled with an incisive mind allows him to sift through information, identifying areas of strength and potential strength.

He possesses an unwavering determination and dedication to the achievement of his goals and plans how to reach his target.

His greatest asset however is his empathy; he understands people. He challenges them to achieve their best self.

Ian Weithers, Olympic Coach - Barbados Judo Association

Within sport “mental training” is perhaps the most important factor in determining success, yet often the most neglected.

Eamonn is a professional who understands the importance of mental performance and how to improve it.
More importantly though, Eamonn is passionate about helping people achieve more.

David Boycott-Brown, GB Women's 2012 Water Polo Team Assistant Coach

I was fortunate enough to be able to work with such a person as Eamonn. His knowledge and understanding was second to none and with his help I was able to allow myself regain focus to get back on track after I sustained a major injury which had a huge impact on my confidence. I’m now back on track with where I need to be and knowing he’ll always be there in my corner if need be puts my mind at ease.

Quillan Isidore, British Cycling Olympic Development Team 2012, BMX UCI World Champion

I have worked with Eamonn and highly recommend him. The mental side of things is something I lacked in the past but now that I have got my game together it is making me that more complete fighter I need to be to progress.

Andre Winner, UFC, BAMMA, TUF Season 9 Finalist

There is no excuse for neglecting the mental side of sport if you’re striving to be, or striving to compete with the best in your sport. If you take your sport seriously or just want to improve your current form then I can’t recommend using Eamonn enough, he WILL from experience take your game to the next level.

Nick Osipczak, UFC, TUF Season 9

I have worked with Eamonn for a couple of years and he has motivated me to believe in myself, his work and motivational skills are outstanding. Before working with him I had a lot a negatives and thanks to him I have progressed in my sport mentally, believing in myself is the way forward. I have taken a lot of lessons from Eamonn, lessons that I will use in everyday situations even after my career is finished.

Tre Whyte, British Cycling Oylmpic Development Team 2014, BMX UCI World Bronze Medalist

Eamonn has helped me more than I think he knows, he got me thinking correctly and made me find my positive attitude, his professional approach and knowledge is awesome and I look forward to working together more in the future.

Jimmy Wallhead, Bellator, BAMMA, Cage Warriors

I met with Eamonn during a tough and challenging time in my career! His advice and techniques where vital to me and helped me to find clarity and focus in the situation I was facing which in turn improved my results a great deal!

Craig Brown, GB Taekwondo Olympian

I am very fortunate to have a friend, BJJ mentor and advisor like Eamonn Madden. His advice and support has helped me regain my focus and determination.

He has a very caring, positive and encouraging approach. With his support, i have found myself on a path i never thought possible, when the seeming impossible, becomes a true, tangible reality.

An aspect of Eamonn’s support i particularly appreciate; is the spiritual… His advice have been thoroughly thought provoking and given me a new excitement on my future. I can now move forward with a confidence i was lacking two months ago…

Neet Mohan, Actor (Trishna, Desert Dancer)

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