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Breakthroughs and innovation often occur at the boundaries between diverse disciplines. Drawing from deep experience in both competitive martial arts and corporate business, Eamonn is able to leverage principles from one side and apply them to the other with a modern perspective and purpose. I highly recommend his services.
I had the please of scheduling Eamonn Madden to lead a seminar for my Management team. To say the seminar was life-changing may sound cliche but would be a true statement. My managers were laughing one minute and crying the next. My team raved about the seminar and the things they learned about not only those around them but themselves as well.
Eamonn truly has a great approach towards goal setting and motivational coaching.

 He produces tremendous results, utilising physical and mental tools, while engaging our young people to overcome barriers, build self-esteem and gain the confidence needed on the path to success.

 As a coach and mentor, Eamonn makes you ask the question…

I invited Eamonn Madden to teach a seminar to my entire law firm on just 24 hours notice, and they sure delivered. They taught us about coherence and integration of purpose on tactical and strategic levels and bonded our team through a series of exercises that were unforgettable.
“I have worked with Eamonn since November 2009. I have come to appreciate that high performing sports people apply themselves in the same manner as high performing executives.

The principles that are applied in elite sports are transparent in corporates. Eamonn has helped me breakthrough some very deep issues. Without that assistance, I would not have been able to perform at the high level that is expected of me. Eamonn is an excellent communicator and an inspiration to work with.

He is fun loving but firm in getting you to the end point. I would recommend him highly.”


I am writing to thank you for the impressive results we have seen at Excel4apps since your training here a few months ago and to offer my enthusiastic recommendation to any prospective clients of yours.

Almost immediately after your seminar, my (already-impressive) team’s morale improved throughout. Their goals became incredibly specific and the positive effects continue to manifest!

What astonished me the most was when I received a picture via email from one of our reps stating “this is the Mercedes that I visualised during Eamonn’s training and every day for the last three months. I just took delivery!” You challenged us to see a future that included our best selves and then gave us tools to get there. Thank you.

I am sure we will see you here in Raleigh again soon. But in the meantime, if any of your prospects need to hear from a client, I would not hesitate to recommend your services.

“Eamonn is a very engaging and entertaining individual with a skill for enlightening the audience and keeping their rapt attention. His presentation to our group of plastic surgeons and their significant others was outstanding and worked for us on multiple levels. Be it team building or understanding communication skills more effectively, we all learned something that evening. I can say that I would recommend Eamonn and his group for any corporate or private endeavor without fail.”
C. Coleman Brown, MD, FACS, Chevy Chase Plastic Surgery